Cambodian Food (Siem Reap)

This is a companion article to our main page about our trip to Cambodia and Vietnam. We also have a separate page with our Vietnam (Hanoi & Sapa) food photos and reviews. The reason we split them is so that travelers searching for good food in a certain location probably don’t want to read our whole trip story.

Kralan (rice and coconut cooked in bamboo)

While we also went up north, we only ate at tourist restaurants as that’s where our guide took us. Although we did make one stop for a local treat. It’s rice, coconut milk and meat cooked in a piece of bamboo. It’s very delicious, not very sweet (I don’t think they added sugar, so just the natural coconut sugars). It’s called Kralan, and it’s a little hard to find in the city (although we could find it around Angkor Wat, ask around and someone will point you to a vendor with some. Below are some photos of them making. They put the ingredients in a piece of bamboo (dry rice, coconut milk, beans) and cork it with some hay, then they cook it over coals, after cooking they strip off the blackened bamboo layer and use it for charcoal the next day! Also makes it clean to carry.

Family Rice Noodle and Chives Cake ( nom ga chai) – Siem Reap

Location: Family Rice Noodle Siem Reap

This place was a great little family run shop in the heart of Siem Reap. They were fresh frying Chive Cakes every-time we went by. We ate there twice and were not disappointed. They make two kinds of Chives Cake, one sort of all mixed in, and one with a layer of chives in the over all “rice cake”. The meals here were cheap, I don’t think we spent US$5 on both of them total!

Coconut Pudding (KHANOM KROK)

This was a tasty find, a coconut pudding made street side in what looked to us like a takoyaki style cooker. They were cheap, about 6 for a US Dollar, deliciously coconutty. There were several vendors selling them along the “river” in Siem Reap, I highly recommend getting some for a tasty desert.