Ubiqi ESIM in the USA

Fresh on the heels of testing Ubiqi in Japan, Cambodia & Vietnam, I’ve tried it now in the USA. I’m happy to report that it works well, although coverage didn’t seem to be as strong as some of the other providers.

I tested Ubigi’s plan in the Northern Virginia Area and Washington, D.C. proper. I always had good LTE signal, although twice I had to go into airplane mode and come out to establish connection. I noticed this as well in Vietnam, it seems sometimes the network “forgets” your an authorized user and will show signal but the dreaded “Cannot activate cellular data” error message. This always corrected itself immediately after an airplane mode toggle.

On the whole E-sim continues to mature and I expect we will soon start to see some price competition. As I have 5 trips to the USA in the next 6 months, I purchased the recurring plan which was a significant discount at $79 for 2GB a month for 6 months. As per usual the charges showed up as the exact amount (no additional taxes or fees added on).

Given the confidence of having cell service the second the plane turns off the active runway, and no hassle of SIM swapping, E-SIM is for sure how we will be communicating for the foreseeable future while traveling internationally.

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