Otto the Long Dog

We got Otto the long dog in 2009 on the Big Island of Hawaii, he was born in Volcano (the town of Volcano, not in the Volcano). He loves adventure when out, and is a snuggler when at home.

Otto’s favorite thing to do is walk somewhere he’s never (or rarely) been before. We imagine all the exciting new smells and sights excite him as much as they do us. He’s equally happy in muddy mountain trails and sunny, sandy beaches. He dislikes baths, getting his ears cleaned, and toe nails clipped. He is a remarkably picky eater and will snub most food, no matter how good, if you feed him the same thing more than a few times in a row!

Otto’s favorite treat is a Starbucks Puppachino

Otto is an aggressive snuggler and will demand that you make space for him on the couch so he can curl up. He’s been with us on the Big Island, Okinawa, and Oahu and he’s almost always part of the adventure.

Otto is a mini-dachshund who weighs 10 pounds (if he’s eaten a lot that day). His name is short for Professor Otto von Schnitzelpusskrankengescheitmeyer from the famous (possibly infamous?) Animaniacs skit: